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Detroit Carpenters’ Pension Update

Members in the Detroit Carpenters Pension Plan received an important letter detailing the challenges that our pension plan continues to face. This letter only applies to those members in the Detroit Carpenters Pension Plan, not the Outstate Pension Plan. The challenge ahead with the Detroit Carpenters Pension Plan is one we take very seriously. It affects everyone in the Detroit Carpenters Pension Plan. As carpenters and millwrights we must stand together, shoulder to shoulder, to meet the challenges ahead.

Here are some facts and resources to help you understand this important correspondence, and how your union is taking steps to address challenges with the pension plan:

  • A letter from Mike Jackson, enclosed with the Annual Funding Notice.
  • A Fact Sheet with more information to better understand the Annual Funding Notice you received
  • Join us for a Tele Town Hall on September 21 at 7:00 p.m. You can email questions you have for the Tele Town Hall to
  • Sign up for text updates by texting HAMMER to 91990.

Watch the video of EST Mike Jackson below: