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  • admin
  • 08 April 2014

April 8, 2014


Members of our union will soon be getting a letter in the mail encouraging you to contribute to our Political Action Committee, also known as PAC.

The PAC is critical to the future of our union, our pensions and our way of life –and we need to keep it strong!

Our PAC is one of our best, most effective weapons for standing up for the issues that directly affect our jobs, paychecks and safety. Our pensions, wages, benefits, training, health care, safety, working conditions – all these are closely tied to our ability to advocate to policymakers, and the PAC is what helps us do this.

When you get the letter about our PAC, please take a moment to read it, sign the card and send it back to us.

Remember: Signing the PAC card won’t cost you or our union anything. The money comes from a 20-cent an hour assessment from the contractor. If you do NOT sign the card, that free money will go into a promotional fund, instead of our PAC fund.

Under state law, we need your written consent to spend contributions on political activities, and that’s why we’re asking you to sign the card.

So, please, sign the card, send it back and help us keep our brotherhood and sisterhood strong.

Thank you.