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  • admin
  • 02 November 2012

November 2, 2012

Former President Bill Clinton Endorses MI proposal 2!

Lansing — Former President Bill Clinton on Tuesday endorsed Proposal 2 to enshrine collective bargaining rights in the state constitution.

The announcement was made by Protect Working Families, the union-backed committee supporting the proposal that would bar the Legislature from passing laws that interfere with collective bargaining.

“Collective bargaining protects rights for all working families, and gives you a voice to negotiate for fair wages, benefits and safe working conditions,” Clinton said in a press release.”Voting yes on Proposal 2 also protects workers from corporate special interests that arbitrarily cut wages, benefits and pensions and ship jobs overseas.”

Clinton’s support comes a day after he announced he’s backing Proposal 3 for a constitutional amendment to increase Michigan’s renewable energy standard. The measure would require 25 percent of Michigan’s energy come from renewable sources by 2025, and is opposed by a coalition of utilities and business interests.

“We are thrilled to have President Clinton’s support for Proposal 2 because collective bargaining gives all workers a voice on the job,” Protect Working Families Campaign Manager Ken Brock said in a press release. “Collective bargaining helped save our auto industry, and a yes vote on Proposal 2 will ensure that police officers, firefighters and nurses can negotiate for the staffing levels and equipment that they need to keep our communities safe.”

Democrat Clinton joins a list of Proposal 2 endorsements that includes the Michigan PTA, former Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm and some fire and law enforcement officials, including Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon.

The measure is opposed by Gov. Rick Snyder and Attorney General Bill Schuette, who issued an informal opinion saying more than 170 laws will be rolled back if Proposal 2 passes.